Hello, friends

Our bakers use the best possible local ingredients to create the best possible dining experience for you. All of  our breads and pies are made by us in Aldinga, while our sweets are made in McLaren Flat!

We proudly use Villeré Coffee & Fleurieu Milk Company

Our  Menu 2019


We believe that good bread is made by using only the most necessary ingredients! Most of our breads contain only flour, water, and a pinch of salt, plus our own unique sourdough culture that we created in our kitchen when we first opened in 2011.

Authentic Sourdough


Home Grain Bread

Rye Sourdough

White bread

Rolls: white, ciabatta or home grain

Specialty Bread – a new flavoured sourdough comes out every season!

Current flavour: Sage & Cranberry


Local Suppliers: Beerenberg Jam, Fleurieu Milk Co., Laucke Flour, McCarthy’s Orchard, Aldinga Do Bee Honey

Donuts – iced, cinnamon, Beerenberg Jam Berliners & Kitchener Buns

Slices – a selection of slices are available, have a look to which one is in store today!

Raw slices – we have a few slices that are raw, vegan, and even gluten free!

Frangipane Tarts – an almond meal tart with shortcrust pastry, filled with seasonal fruit. Buy a slice or the whole thing to take to a party with you!

Carrot & Walnut Cake //  Banana Cake – so moist and delicious! Again, you can buy these in just the slice or as a bar cake!

AND SO MUCH MORE! We can’t possibly name everything here, come into your favourite Home Grain to see what else we have!!

Pies, Pasties & Sausage Rolls

Local Suppliers: NaJObe Beef, Barker Boy Fresh Veg (not frozen!), Laucke Flour, Seaford Gourmet meats.

Mince Pie, Chunky Steak Pie, Steak & Mushroom, Steak Bacon & Cheese, Steak & Green Peppercorn

Meat & Veg Pastie, Veggie Pastie (vegan), Cheese & Veg Pastie, Wholemeal Pastie (vegan)

Breakie Pies, Chicken Pies, Tuna Pie, Sausage Roll, Chilli & Cheese Kransky

Family Pies & Party Pies

All of our pies and sausage rolls are available in either large party size, or mini party size! Orders must be in no fewer than two days before you’d like to pick them up! Put your order in in-person at your favourite HGB, or give us a ring at (08) 8557 8231.