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Pizza and sunshine and music and happy people and kids dancing everywhere!

That’s what Home Grain Bakery looked like last Friday at our trial event for Fridays After 5! While the paving was only half complete, and the wind threatened to bring the rain clouds in (or carry off with our balloons!) the evening turned out to be a fabulous hit anyhow.


Our idea was just to invite some of our closest friends over for a night as a group of “guinea pigs” to try our HGB pizzas for the first time. We also thought it would be a great chance for us to see how many and how fast we could make them! So we left the doors of the bakery open, filled our pie warmer with slices of pizza instead of pies, and dished them out on paper plates then send everyone outside to eat in the summer evening sunshine. Simple.


We truly adore this community we live in, and adore the people that have come into our lives through Home Grain Bakery. A couple weeks ago I approached one of our most favourite regular customers, Gary, just to ask if he knew anyone who would like to play guitar on the night. He said yes instantly, but then asked how I felt about getting his whole band to set up. Yes! Absolutely! What a great idea!


Blind ‘Arry kept the whole crowd with their feet tapping all night long! I thought that the music might be too loud for the kiddies, and that most of them would have gone home by the time the band started to play – but the kids were potentially the happiest little customers there! Dancing and games of chasey and yummy pizza eating all to the background sounds of classic rock.


What a fun night!

I certainly left the night energized by everyone who said they had a fantastic time, and can’t wait to get more people down here over summer. “We’ll be back!” I heard, over and over again!

Now we just have to wait for Boxing Day when we can do it all again!

See you then!

xx Cara West

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