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Supporting Local.

At Home Grain Bakery we like to keep things local. We use local ingredients, employ local people, support local clubs, and have a customer base so familiar to us, they all feel “like a local” whether they are or not!

We feel that owning a local business has given us an immense power to help and contribute to our community – and we like to use that power for good! We sponsor heaps of local clubs – and are always interested in starting a conversation with others about how we can help their club. We also host events throughout the year that allow us to raise money for some pretty big charities. And just to support the little guy, every month we raise money at each of our bakeries for a different charity. Just by donating a few spare coins left over from your pie purchase, we can help some people out in a pretty major way.

Together, we can do great things!

Charities we’ve raised money for:

OzHarvest, over $37,000 raised!

The Greatest Shave, over $10,000 raised!

Customer fund-raising:

Simply by adding a few coins to the tin on our counter every month, our fabulous customers have raised money for the following charities:

CanTeen, over $450 raised in our tins alone!

Movember, over $300 raised!

We are currently raising money for Village Greens and the Bendigo Bank Christmas Tree Fund.